022. During her pregnancy, Lily took to talking to Harry as though he were already there, telling him stories about Hogwarts, talking about the members of the Order, or even just commenting on the weather. James picked up this habit as well, and both parents continued to talk to Harry about nearly everything after he was born. 

It’s a pity, then, that out of the thousands upon thousands of words that his parents said to him, the only ones Harry will ever remember are their last. They weren’t even addressing their child, but the man who killed them and would eventually kill their son as well, however briefly. In a way, though, they were the most important words the Potters would ever say in front of Harry. After all, what else could they possibly have said that would express their love for him more?

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head canons galore

Just a little blog for me to keep track of all my head canons without annoying my followers on my personal. The vast majority of these will center around the Harry Potter fandom, primarily Marauder's Era with the possibility of some Trio Era or Riddle era head canons as well.

DISCLAIMER: Obviously I am not claiming that these are canon. I'll always try to make sure they don't negate canon, but they are not canon, so please don't message me telling me that none of this happened in the series. That's kind of the point.

Oh, also, many of these will be Lily-centric, as I currently roleplay as Lily and am frequently thinking of her characterization.

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